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  • Would you like to know the process of my projects?
  • Do you need to understand the project timing and scope?
  • Are you curious to learn the design phases and steps?
  • Are you not sure of the extent of my services?
  • Do you wish to see the results of my projects and prices?
  • Basically, do you want to clarify your expectations?

 For answers to these and other questions see a short video here     (in Czech only) or read the my project case studies below.

Design concept for a kitchen with living area in new development, 35m²

Katerina and her husband have bought a newly built apartment on the outskirts of Prague. They decided to solve the interior in a complex way, from the floor to the ceiling. Thanks to their previous living experience, the couple had a fairly good idea of the functional requirements their future home should fulfil but they needed a professional to guide their decisions. Since the apartment was just being built we also needed to submit all necessary changes to the developer in time.

Project scope:

  • 3 options of functional zones and furniture arrangement in a space plan with idea photos
  • Colour-and-style concept, incl. colour and material selection in showrooms
  • Catalogue of furniture, lighting, textile and decorations with prices and specifications, incl. selection in showrooms

Price: 25.000 CZK

Project duration: 21 weeks

  • 4 meetings (1. Informative interview, 2. Colour- and-style concept discussion, 3. Showroom visits to finalize colour-and-style concept, 4. Showroom visit to select kitchen appliances)
  • Change process according to comments given by email or phone
  • Final proposal, including samples and product catalogue
„We have known Soňa previously so I trusted her judgement and gave her a free hand to come up with ideas. She proved me right and we liked already her first draft designs and it went well from there. My husband and I appreciated especially the product catalogue as we were able to buy or order everything in one weekend. We still sometimes consult Soňa and it is always a pleasant experience“

Design implementation in a part of family house, 45m²

As I had prepared a house reconstruction design concept for Monika, she then asked me to help her with preparation of the Design Implementation plan. We focused mainly on the price/quality ratio and we plan the supplier tenders accordingly. Since Monika is very busy and could not have been involved in the implementation works, we agreed I would ensure the Design Implementation for her.

Project scope:

  • Detailed drawings of custom-made furniture, lighting and electro schemes
  • Supplier tender and selection based on their offers
  • Schedule and resource plan of the implementation
  • Communication with suppliers, onsite supervision and reporting

Price for Schedule and resource plan: 15.000 CZK (for 5 suppliers)
Price for communication and onsite supervision: 16.500 CZK

Project duration: 18 weeks

  • 6 weeks for Schedule and resource plan preparation
  • 12 weeks of implementation works onsite
„The whole cooperation with Soňa was great. I liked the most how she listened to my ideas and then acted on them when choosing the best suppliers. At first I was not sure about the cost but when I saw how much time and effort Soňa put in, her intensive communication and ideas, it was worth it. I will use her services again. I can highly recommend her.“

Space planning of a 2+kk apartment, 45m²

Lenka has bought a nice apartment in Prague`s traditional block of flats. The apartment is spacious but the room dimensions did not suit the current modern life style. The bathroom was too small, the kitchen almost non-existent and the two rooms were separated and accessible only from a dark hallway. Lenka realized the need for changes and contacted me to consult her options. We agreed on a Consultation type of project.

Project scope:

  • Possible options of room arrangement (space plan drawing)
  • Optimal furniture arrangement in 2 rooms
  • Final proposal for construction works

Price: 4.800 CZK (800 CZK/h)

Project duration: 2 weeks

  • On-site consultation sessions
  • Change process according to comments given by email or phone
  • Final proposal sent by email
„I was a bit cautious to consult a designer, but during the consultations I was able to sort out my ideas into a clear vision of my future home. Soňa helped me with connecting the two rooms in a way I would not have imagined but also with the overall concept of bringing in more light and air. Thanks to her ideas my apartment is absolutely perfect and more spacious!“

After the initial meeting I always prepare price offers for each project individually based on its size and expected scope.