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sona markova s4u design

Have you ever stood still, looked around and thought: “I feel right at home here, this is the perfect place for me”…? This is how you should feel where you spend your time…feeling yourself and content. My aim is to help you create such a place.

Our lives are affected by our environment more than we think. The colors and layout of our space influence our mood and performance. Whether we are aware of it or not, the places we live in evoke our emotions. There are places where you enjoy being and others which you do not want to visit anymore. It is my ambition and pleasure to help you design a place, where you will feel right at home.

My lifelong passion for design and home styling finally steered my career from banking to interior design. Since 2012 when I enrolled in Prague`s DesignŠkola I have been designing interiors and my passion became my profession.

I strive to create interiors that reflect the owner`s personality and lifestyle. In my projects I always design interiors that naturally correspond to their surroundings and where style is combined with function.